About Me

   I’ve always loved movies of all types and genres. After 7 years as a chef and 4 years working on completing my Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts I was in a car accident in 2009 that took away my ability to work as a chef, or anything else for that matter. With all of this new found free time on my hands and living in constant pain, I began watching movies. Not that I didn’t watch any before, it’s just that I’d almost never watch them back to back or cram in up to 9 hours of movies a day. I got a library card and began “catching up” on all of the classics that make the “Top 100” movies lists. When I’d run through those I started digging for anything that looked remotely interesting. I kept track at first and after roughly 2 years I’d watched close to 700.

   In 2012, while getting an ice cream at the stand down the road from my house, I grabbed one of those local classified’s periodicals. I flipped through it when I got home and stumbled across a small ad that said something along the lines of “Do you like watching movies? Would you like to review them for a local radio station? If so contact (this person).” Well, my curiosity was piqued! I answered the ad and began writing weekly movie reviews for Portsmouth (NH) Community Radio, WSCA, shortly thereafter.

   I’m still writing reviews for the station, as well as conducting the occasional interview when I get the chance. After amassing so many reviews I thought it time to compile them into a website in the hopes of spreading the joy movies can bring, as well as opening people’s minds to some of the more obscure titles. Enjoy!