June 2017 Film Series

To Be Alone, by Matthew Mahler: One man's grief takes him on a dark exploration of his own faith and wellbeing. 13 Minutes

Quality Control, by Joe Lobianco
In a society where clone life is disposable, a human clone must fight for his very existence. 12 Minutes

Hell Bent, by Foster Vernon
After discovering that the elderly secretary of the magazine Michael works for likes to summon a demon for company, Michael bases his article on that.27 Minutes

Undatement Center, by Chris Esper:
 A man wants to date again only to discover that he needs a résumé and cover letter in order to do so. 9 Minutes

Listen to my interview with Chris Esper here

January Hymn, by Katherine Canty
A reflection on the intangible experience of grief, January Hymn sees Clara return home for the first anniversary of her father's death. 13 Minutes

Listen to my interview with Katherine Canty here

Poetry Stalled, by Legrand McMullen
Tired of being ignored, poet Ted Jackson takes life by the horns and makes things happen. With his freshly printed book of verse in hand, he stages a grand reading. 
10 Minutes

Eiayay’s Reel Life, by Kate Kaminski
A bittersweet cinematic journey into the life of an actor of color. 20 Minutes

Listen to my interview with Evadne Bryan-Perkins here

Googly Eyes, by Simon Savelyev
A breakup comedy about life, love, and the dangers of Q-Tips.
14 Minutes