Podcast "Zoolaplex" to get Make Over as Animated Series

Posted by Leah on 4/25/2017 10:19:26 AM

        Admittedly I haven't listened to that many podcasts, but they all seem to be roughly about the same:  people talk about something to other people, who they either call, or interview in person, and usually there is very little in the way of audible interest, such as sound effects or music. Sure, the topics are different, but in general there is very little variety as to the sound and technique of them.
        That is, until I found
Zoolaplex. Zoolaplex is the brain child of voiceover actor Reece Bridger. Each episode features characters Drake, Leanne, Andy, Mike, Caroline, Alize and Larry as they fumble through each day of work at Zoolaplex, a movie theater in the fictional town of Cityville. The show has more in common with the radio shows of old than it does with traditional podcasts.

        In fact, while I listened to the first few episodes, I was reminded of an episode of
The Simpsons (Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken, in fact), during which Lisa breaks out Grampa Simpson’s old radio and says, “Hey, look what I found! Grampa's old radio. Oh, wouldn't it be grand to gather round and have a listen?” Images of a family gathered round a 4’ tall radio console in the living room, the children almost pressed against it on the floor, while mom and dad are in rocking chairs a little further away, all listening to this week’s episode of whatever’s in fashion flashed into my head. It seems it doesn’t matter which century it is, families are always looking for ways not to talk to each other. Anyhow, getting back to Zoolaplex
        Making a show like this is no small feat, especially since all of the actors are in different locations around the world. Reece explained that for each episode the hope is to get everyone to record through Skype at the same time, but if that's not possible (due to scheduling and time zone conflicts) they can record separately. After recording, each person sends his or her piece to Reece to be mixed. It is during mixing that Reece adds sound effects and music. And thusly another episode of
Zoolaplex is born.

        As time has gone on, and the number of fans has grown, Reece and the cast have become increasingly ambitious, and their hopes for the show have changed. No longer content with the show in podcast form, Reece and the crew have created an Indiegogo campaign in order to transform it into an animated series. The aspiration is for the campaign to bring in enough money to make the pilot episode, so they can then focus on trying to sell it to various networks in hopes of being picked up. The dream is to have the show air on TV with the pilot episode called 
Hostile Work Environment.

        While it seems like an impossible dream, it does fit.
Zoolaplex in its current form is more TV show than podcast. As you listen it's easy to imagine the characters coming to life as an offering from Adult Swim, or Comedy Central. It's as natural as peanut butter and jelly.

        Next time you find yourself bored with, and sick of everything offered on TV at the moment, spend some time listening to
Zoolaplex. And when you’re done with that, support Zoolaplex on Indiegogo. You can feel good about helping the little guy, and that you’ll have something better to watch on TV in no time!

        Zoolaplex is written and produced by Reece Bridger and his company No Studio In Particular. It stars Reece Bridger, Kiba Walker, Tiffany Cushman, Mark Sullivan, Jessie Smith, Sean Benoit, Ricky Lords and Sara Polton. More information about Zoolaplex, Hostile Work Environment and Reece Bridger can be found here:

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