Rated: R

        I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite little known sci-fi flicks, Moon. As I was perusing the shelves at the Blockbuster Video in Dover during their going out of business sale a few years ago, there wasn’t much left and most of what was there was pure garbage. It took some time, focus and effort to find anything worthwhile, but I did manage to find a few gems, such as Bunraku, Sunshine Cleaning and finally, Moon. Moon was one that caught my attention as soon as I saw it on the shelf. The cover is all black and features what looks like a large hypnotism wheel type thing with a man in a spacesuit with his helmet under his arm. Compared to the other movie sleeves that typically just feature the actors’ faces, this one seemed to scream for my attention. I picked it up and quickly scanned it, deemed it worthy and added it to my pile of movies to buy. I don’t have very many of the movies I bought that day left, but Moon has made in into my permanent collection. I’ll tell you why shortly.
Moon is the story of Sam Bell, an astronaut living on the dark side of the moon in the near future. His mission has been to extract Helium-3 and send it back to Earth in order to ease a growing power crisis. His only company over the last three years has been the moon base’s computer GERTY, and taped messages that he receives from his wife. With his contract coming to an end Sam looks forward to the day he can go home and be reunited with his family. But when he falls ill, strange things begin to happen, leaving Sam the question: Is he really alone?
        I’ve found over my years of watching so many movies one minor issue; an issue that I’m sure all of you have as well, at one time or another. The issue is that there are too many actors whose names I just don’t know, but I’ve liked almost everything I’ve seen them in. I guess we’ll call it “That Guy Syndrome”. You know what I’m talking about. You’re watching a movie for the first time and see a face you recognize, but can’t for the life of you figure out his or her name, if you ever knew it at all. Then you and whoever you’re watching with get into one of those “you know…that guy (or girl) that was in that other movie that wears the hat and shirt” type of discussions that usually lead to nowhere. The internet and sites like have certainly helped me through many of my cases of “That Guy Syndrome”, although I wouldn’t say I’m cured in the least.
        Before watching
Moon for the first time, Sam Rockwell, who plays Sam Bell, was one of my more serious cases of “That Guy Syndrome”.  He’s just one of those actors, to me at least, who has been in almost everything (he currently has over 84 acting credits to his name) and has been around forever, but still I had not a clue what his name was. It took me a little while after seeing Moon to remember his name, (I know that sounds terrible since it’s such a simple one), but now I’ll never forget it again!
        My own case of “That Guy Syndrome” aside,
Moon is an under appreciated little gem of a sci-fi flick. The twists and turns that first time writer/director Duncan Jones has created with this film are an entirely unexpected delight. Jones has proven that you don’t need a ton of money or experience behind you to create something truly wonderful and mesmerizing. I honestly wish there were more film makers like him in the world. Although, then it would be WAY harder to decide what to see!

Moon is rated R, was written and directed by Duncan Jones and stars Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey. Its available now on DVD, Blu Ray and digital download.