Scary Little Fuckers

Rated: Not Rated

        There are slews of tribute spoofs out there in every genre, but one of the most frequently done is horror. Horror lovers just seem especially enthusiastic about declaring their love of different films by remaking them in some form or fashion. The Scary Movie franchise, The Final Girls, Young Frankenstein, Sean of the Dead, and countless others both make fun of, and pay tribute to the best (and worst) that the horror genre has to offer.
Scary Little Fuckers, a recent film by director and producer Nathan Suher is one such spoof/tribute. In the style of The Gremilins, Scary Little Fuckers is about a dad who brings home a terrifying, yet adorable little creature for his son on Christmas Eve. Of course there are rules about the creature’s care that the characters in the film break, leading to all out terror and havoc.
        Of course, the similarities in the two films are endless, which is what Nathan Suher and writer Lenny Schwartz were going for, but it’s the differences that make this little film wonderful. Unlike
The Gremlins, Scary Little Fuckers tries hard not to take itself too seriously. From the drunken, belligerent dad, to the disgusting sores they all get by the end, to the way Peggy hits on the dad throughout, to the final stand at the end of the movie, it all works together in perfect harmony to make for a hilarious romp through the horror genre.
        While many filmmakers have marked styles that are evident even early in their careers, such as sticking to dark subject matter, non-linear storylines and the like, Nathan Suher seems to be avoiding such tokenisms by working on as wide a range of material as possible. As I’ve mentioned,
Scary Little Fuckers is horror-comedy, while his film Next/Door is entirely serious and all thriller. And then there’s Right There, a silent love story that pays homage to the filmmaking styles of the 20’s. It’s clear that while other filmmakers work on developing their style and honing in on one or two particular elements, Nathan has been busy doing the opposite in a mission to prove his versatility and stylistic range.
Scary Little Fuckers is one of those entirely silly little tribute horrors that may just be better than the film it’s based on. It certainly won’t appeal to everyone, but to those it does it’ll be one of those guilty pleasures you can’t help but watch over and over and share with friends.

      Scary Little Fuckers is not rated, was written by Lenny Schwartz, was directed by Nathan Suher and stars Josh Fontaine, Anna Rizzo and Rich Tretheway. More information about Scary Little Fuckers and Nathan Suher can be found here:

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