August is Timothy J. Cox Month!

All films included will feature actor Timothy J. Cox!

Listen to my interview with Timothy J. Cox here!

Simple Mind by Phil Newsom: Simple Mind is the story of a man, who through therapy, discovers more about himself and his life than he ever imagined. 10 Minutes

Dirty Books by Zachary Lapierre
: When his high school's newspaper is threatened to be transformed into an online blog, David seeks out the best story within the halls of Prichard Hall School that'll save the newspaper...even if the story is completely untrue. 16 Minutes

Gunderson’s by Matt Porter
: Max, about to start his first week of teaching health at a middle school, finds out he has a rare venereal disease with only one symptom. 14 Minutes

Here Lies Joe by Mark Battle
: Joe, a suicidal man, attends a support group where he meets Z, a disarming and troubled young woman who leads him on a series of adventures that change his outlook on life. 23 Minutes

Psychic Murder by Brandon Block
: After a young comic finds his stride by joking about his birth defect - a three fingered hand - he finds himself targeted by a ruthless talent agent who will either make his career or destroy his life. 10 Minutes

Total Performance by Sean Meehan
: Cori is and actress, but her main gig is a little bit different. She works for a company that employs actors to play opposite real people who want to rehearse a difficult conversation. A breakup, a firing, or even an embarrassing confession: the company that she works for provides a living, breathing 'sparring dummy' for their clients. 18 Minutes

What Jack Built by Matthew Mahler: What is that thing Jack is building in his cellar? How could such a device be used? Perhaps it has something to do with that creature out in the woods... 11 Minutes

The Best Birthday Ever by Cole Jaeger: A comedy about Dimpton, an older teen who acts like a child, who narrates the story of his birthday and the events leading up to his big wish. 5 Minutes

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