Introducing Leah's Indie Film Series @ Soundstage 909!

Posted by Leah on 6/9/2017 12:28:36 PM

        After years of receiving short and feature indie films from filmmakers for review I had a thought: Why not start my own monthly indie film series? I’d seen hundreds of quality indie films, and I knew that the filmmakers are almost always looking for ways to get their films seen-it was a win win.
        And so I started planning back in January. There was so much to do! I needed to find films to fill roughly two hours; I needed to interview filmmakers; and update the website to make submissions easier; and decide on an admission price, day of the week and time; I needed to figure out what, if any, snacks would be for sale, etc etc. It seemed that every time I thought about it there were more details to nail down.
        The one detail I didn’t have to give much thought to was the venue. Last summer the WSCA studio underwent major, much needed renovations. While these renovations were happening, it was decided that the lobby space would be transformed from hum-drum and slightly confusing, to a beautiful, roughly 48 seat performance space; complete with stage, surround sound and projector. Since I’ve been with the radio station, doing reviews and articles for years, it was natural that my new film series would be held within this new performance space.

        After giving it some thought, I decided that April would be the perfect month to begin this new adventure: I would have a little over three months to prepare, and all of the snow and bad weather should’ve been over, making cancellation less likely.
        And so it was: April marked the first ever Leah’s Indie Film Series @ Soundstage 909. I’d love to say it went off without a hitch, but it didn’t. I forgot my keys to get in the station to set up, and so had to call someone to let me in. Considering this was the first ever though, that was a minor hiccup. The rest of the night went smoothly. We showed five films, 4 shorts and a feature, and several of the filmmakers were in attendance to discuss their films and answer questions.
        All of that was several months ago at this point, and we’re still going strong. I currently have enough films to run through the end of the year, and filmmakers have agreed to attend during every month. Really, I couldn’t be happier with the way this is all going, and it makes me so happy to be able to bring some fantastic films to eyes that probably wouldn’t see them otherwise.

       So, if you’re in the New Hampshire area, keep an eye out for the next edition of Leah’s Indie Film Series! And if you’re a filmmaker and you’d like to submit, please click here. More information about this month’s program can be found here. I hope to see you at the next screening! I’ll provide the popcorn : )