Leah's Indie Film Series @ Soundstage 909

Leah's Indie Film Series is a new film series I've created in conjunction with my media partner WSCA Portsmouth Community Radio. My goal is to bring both short and feature length indie films to an audience that may not otherwise see them, while helping get the word out about up and coming filmmakers, and their projects from around the world. If you have a film you wish to submit to Leah's Indie Film Series, or would like more information please click here.

The next Series will be held Thursday September 14 at 7 pm. Admission is $10 and concessions will be available for purchase. It will take place at 909 Islington Street, Suite 1, Portsmouth NH.

September's Films:

Mother and Brother by Dustin Cook

A window into the lives of two Brothers burdened with the care of their abusive mother. On his wedding day, Younger chooses to confront the guilt haunting their lives and carry a new burden alone. 17 Minutes

The Clockmaker's Dream by Cashell Horgan:

A Clockmaker is entrusted to care for a world that runs like clockwork. But when his heart gets broken he rages against time itself only to discover that unless he finds a cure for a broken heart everything will end. The clockmaker tries desperately to find a cure in all matter of new creations. 20 Minutes

This Time It's Shopping by Jim Picarrielo:

A peculiar customer interrupts a gift store owner's quiet day. Is she really shopping, or is this some kind of game? 

7 Minutes

People by Shane McGoey:

Six vignettes pit an assortment of characters against each other in everyday situations. 

84 Minutes

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