Rated: Not Rated

        As I mentioned in my review of Nathan Suher’s film Scary Little Fuckers, the director is dynamic. Where other directors tend to focus on a single genre or style, Nathan is more diverse, working in a wide variety of genres and styles. This leaves him open to directing any film he sees fit, giving him a freedom not many have early on in their careers.
        This directorial freedom is evident in his recent short
Next/Door. The film tells the tale of middle-aged slob Otto and his obsession with the woman next door. She’s in an abusive relationship, and through the paper-thin walls of their apartments, Otto hears something that brings his obsession to a frightening level.
        The level of creepy given off by David Ryan Kopcych, who plays Otto, cannot be overstated. At times you hope and expect that he’ll do the right thing, only to see him do things most people wouldn’t dream of doing in such a horrible situation.  And by the end of the film, when you start to think that it couldn’t possibly get any creepier, it does, escalating the horror to dizzying new heights.
        This film, although only 17 minutes in length, had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. From the lighting used, to the subtle music, to the way Nathan held each terrifying shot just a little longer than you’d like, the entire film becomes a ballet of discomfort, and I mean that in the best way possible.
        What writer Brian Pickard and director Nathan Suher have managed to do in a teeny 17 minute window is create a film that is a twisting and turning psychological thriller/horror that will leave you just a bit nauseous. This film, through much of it, is like a car wreck: you really want to turn away, but can’t. So go lock your windows and doors, lower your voice and watch

Next/Door is not rated, was directed by Nathan Suher and stars David Ryan Kopcych, Lindsey Elisabeth Cork and Gio Castellano. More information about the film and director Nathan Suher can be found here:

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